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Criminal Defense

For most people, understanding criminal law is based upon hearsay or what people see on TV, movies, etc. The experience is extremely different when someone becomes personally involved in the criminal justice system—reality sets in and comes into focus. The need for information and assistance is important in these circumstances.

Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley has successfully represented clients in Municipal Court, Superior Court and Federal Court in all types of criminal matters. The firm is committed to the defense of people charged with criminal offenses.

The law mandates that all persons charged with criminal offenses are innocent unless and until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. At Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley we vigorously defend all types of cases. Our services have resulted in dismissals of indictments and acquittals in bench and jury trials in cases ranging from homicides, attempted murders, aggravated assaults, drug cases, armed robberies, conspiracies, and reasonable pleas for persons seeking an opportunity to resolve their cases in light of their involvement in criminal activities. A portion of the practice is also dedicated to appeals.