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Education Law

With extensive experience in Education Law, Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley has built an excellent reputation in providing general counsel, and labor and employment counsel services for Boards of Education throughout the State of New Jersey. Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley also has experience in the area of contract negotiation for union and non-union employees including but not limited to employment contracts for Superintendents of Schools, Assistant Superintendents of Schools, Architectural Contracts, Business Administrators, Food Service Contracts, and various non-personnel related contracts. Appearances before the Office of Administrative Law in tenure hearings, residency hearings, special education matters, non-tenured Petitions of Appeal and expulsion matters. Appearances before the Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC) in Unfair Labor Practice complaints, Superior Court litigation involving bid challenges contract interpretation, and various Orders to Show Cause.

The firm also represents boards in district-wide expulsions, increment withholdings, labor negotiations, fact findings,arbitrations, School Construction disputes and other types of litigation.

The firm has appeared in court on matters ranging from students charged with criminal offenses, petitions of appeals for teachers and/ or administrators charged with corporal punishment, criminal offenses, tenure hearings for insufficiency, incompetence, conduct unbecoming a teaching staff member, excessive absenteeism, tenure rights following a reduction in force, contract disputes between administrators and the board of education and other related matters.

Our Clients:

  • Irvington Board of Education General Counsel and Labor Counsel Newark Public Schools Special Counsel
  • Plainfield Board of Education General Counsel/Labor Counsel and Workers Compensation Counsel
  • Pillar College – General Counsel