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Public Housing Law

The firm of Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley has extensive experience in the areas of construction and public contracts, housing and development and all areas of tenancy. In addition, the firm is knowledgeable in the area of Hope VI. The firm also has extensive experience in the areas of bid challenges, review of contracts and specifications for legal sufficiency, and legal opinions regarding public bidding and Title 59 of the New Jersey Tort Claims Act. The firm is also familiar with HUD regulations governing Public Housing Authorities and the proposed changes in HUD’s admissions and occupancy policy. The firm is also knowledgeable in the specialized area of Asset

Management and Stop Loss, Turnkey Construction, privatization, capital improvements, the Public Housing Conventional Program, Section 8 Voucher Programs and the Section 8 Rehabilitation Program.

Our Clients:

  • East Orange Housing Authority General Counsel
  • Irvington Housing Authority General Counsel