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‘For Life’: How 50 Cent Helped One Man’s Tale of Injustice See Daylight

It’s not often you’re with a guy who’s been shot nine times — and gone on to become a famous rapper and actor — and his story isn’t automatically the wildest in the room.
Still, it happened in February, when Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, came together for a joint interview with the lawyer Isaac Wright Jr. Only three decades earlier, Wright had been charged with being a drug kingpin, convicted on false testimony and sentenced to life in prison plus another 70 years. Jackson had been a teenager selling drugs on the streets of South Jamaica, Queens. Neither had sunny prospects.
Convicted on false testimony, Isaac Wright Jr. learned the law and got his life sentence overturned. 50 Cent knew a good story when he heard one…read more…


Photo credit: Lelanie Foster for The New York Times