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HHR Wins Case Against State Trooper

Law Firm of Hunt Hamlin & Ridley Awarded $371,930.50 in Case Against NJ State Trooper

Allen Bass v. State Police Trooper Gerald Dellagiacoma – Jury Verdict for Excessive Force $55,000.00 ($45,000 in compensatory damages and $10,000.00 in punitive damages)

The Honorable Katharine S. Hayden of the United States Federal District Court, recently awarded $371,930.50 in Attorneys Fees to the firm of Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley as a result of their handling of the above mentioned case in a trial in January of this year.  Raymond L. Hamlin was lead Counsel along with Kenyatta Stewart who assisted in the trial.  The award which is permitted pursuant to Section 1988 of the Civil Rights laws, permits plaintiffs who prevail to have all of their attorneys fees paid by the losing party.  The total award to the plaintiff including Attorneys fees against the offending State Trooper is $426,930.50.